It is great to live surrounded by original art. Art personalizes and humanizes the place where we live and work. Original art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the artists, but also for those who own it. An original piece of art encourages people to ask questions, introspect, think about new ideas, experience fresh new perspectives and most importantly, it animates us to take brief moments out of our busy lives to reflect on more than just the mundanities of our daily existences. Art improves our quality of life. 

Alexandra's statement
“My paintings are like life itself, full of texture, brightness, shadows, scratches and asymmetries, never perfect but always passionate. I like when my work reflects the passage of time, the patina we collect throughout life.
I use all sorts of different materials: oils, paint, wax, crayons, sand, coffee, or whatever I have on hand. Experimenting with different materials allows me to explore without feeling imprisoned by a specific medium or a technique..
Most of my work is abstract and untitled because emotions cannot be condensed into a single image or word. I think this gives the observer more freedom to feel, reminisce, and react to the work. If my paintings evoke primordial feelings within people and connects with them, then I will have completed my job.”