​Wall Sculptures

“In my years as an artist and interior architect, I encountered many situations where it was difficult or impossible to hang a painting due to irregular surfaces, poor lighting, curved staircases, and much more. This motivated me to start exploring other materials and installation methods to solve these situations. Currently, my wall sculptures, made mainly of wood, offer total flexibility and can be adapted to almost any space. They come in any size and can cover large surfaces, both on walls and ceilings.  They are usually up to 4”thick, installed in individual pieces and organized in any shape. I use lighting to my advantage. These blocks/spheres/ project shadows on the walls, which makes them more attractive and interesting. With the passing of the day, those shadows change. They move, acting like solar watches, adding much more personality to the space. "

Commissions: We can customize these wall sculptures in any size and color. We are happy to work with art consultants, interior designers or directly with the owners to create an unique, original piece of art for your space
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